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Spouse mission

spouse missionCharlotte de Jour

Our service for talented partners and flexible jobs

Your company has rapidly changing staffing needs?

You are launching a new project and would need specific skills for a short-term period, for a part time activity or would be happy with "work from home" professionals?

You need experienced people to replace some of your staff?

The French Chamber of Commerce proposes you to change your view on employment. 

In difficult times, companies may not want to hire other full time employees on their payroll. With our “spouse mission”, we enable them to promote a skills-centered approach and create part time jobs, "work from home" or fixed term contracts.

We help the spouses and partners of French expatriates in the UK to find a job. There are tens of thousands of spouses and many are very well qualified and eager to take on jobs.

These candidates represent a very flexible workforce: a pool of highly motivated talented workers, who could be available at short notice and are happy to work on flexible contracts outside the regular career structures across vocational boundaries.

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