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Spouse mission

spouse missionDrawing by Charlotte du Jour

“Spouse Mission”: our service for talented partners

We support the spouses of French people working in Britain who are looking for work. To assist them, we promote new forms of working practices including part-time work, working from home and short-term contracts.

For example, is this you?...

You used to have a job you enjoyed in France before arriving in the UK, but it is difficult to hold a full time position and cope with children and family constraints.

You stopped working to follow your spouse to London. Your children have grown up and you have spare time and would like to feel more independent.

You would like to stay in touch with professional life and use your skills, but you don’t know exactly how to go about it?

It can be difficult to get back to work after a break. Because it is essential to develop confidence in yourself, the Recruitment Service of the French Chamber of Commerce will be your partner in your search, as you assess your strengths and consider your options.

We will propose you an interview to discuss your skills and experience and work on your project. We might propose you, if it is relevant, to be part of one of our workshops: “Play to your strengths” and “Branding yourself”.

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